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Customers – At the heart of our business


We spend a great deal of time explaining all the tools and procedures we have in place at UCI to help our shared clients have the best possible experience during the purchase process, but little time is taken to explain what will happen once the loan has been signed.

At UCI, we strive to ensure that the all customers are at the heart of our business, and for this reason we are constantly working to ensure that they always receive the best possible service. A mortgage loan generally lasts a very long time, and many things can happen to the client´s situation over the course of time, so we need to ensure that we are by their side, through thick or thin.

The first thing we would encourage our clients to do after signing the mortgage loan is to register on our client website. Once they have their password set up, they will have access to almost all the information they will ever need regarding their mortgage loan from anywhere in the world, 24/7, in English as well as Spanish

Not only will they have access to their information, but also, they can edit their personal details (for example if they prefer to be contacted at a different number or e-mail), send documents directly to our aftersales department through the website, and even process and early repayment.

In the documentation section clients can access their monthly and annual  mortgage statements ( which are available in English) at a click, where they will find all the current information regarding their loan, interest rate applied, outstanding balance, a breakdown of their monthly instalment and so on. Most clients who wish to receive correspondence in English are already identified as such in our CRM, although clients can choose to change this at any time by calling us.


Although most clients tend to prefer web banking nowadays, there are times that we all need to hear a voice at the other end of the line, or even to be able to talk face to face with someone who understands our needs. For this reason, all possible communication channels are made available on our client website, from aftersales telephone service in English to reserving a personal appointment with a UCI representative.


We know that life takes many a twist and turn, and we sometimes find ourselves in unforeseen circumstances. This is when we most need a helping hand, friendly and accurate advice, and personalised attention. At UCI we have a specialist in-house department for our international clients going through difficult times, and we take pride in being able to treat each individual case as it should be treated. Individually. Because we don´t believe that “one size fits all”.


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