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Inmocionate At Home!


UCI and Inmocionate at home, Special International Episode

Specialists of the non-resident property market in the Iberian Peninsula now have their own Webinar!

Organized by UCI & SIRA, the first live edition took place on Friday the 24th of April: “UCI at home, Special International Episode”. One hour in which we had the pleasure of speaking with high level professionals based in Spain and Portugal.

If you didn´t manage to catch the first episode, you can visit our website www.inmocionate.com to see it at any time! And just in case you don´t have time, we have prepared a synopsis of the event for you here.

How to build confidence in such a challenging context?

Buying and selling has an emotional component. Having access to information is a positive tool to understand the market and increase confidence.

Based on American and British experience, Nils Sceery, Vice president of Business Development at Urban Data Analytics (Alantra CPA), proposes a solution using Big Data & Artificial Intelligence, a real estate data platform that provides management, market analysis and market expectations instantly. Ideal for real estate professionals requiring precise knowledge on the properties as well as on the neighbourhood, with sociodemographic data.

Thanks to technology, real estate agents can guide buyers and sellers “with real facts” says Nils, “we try to empower the clients”.

What is the non-resident buyer looking for?

Traditionally, non-residents were looking for holiday homes & homes to retire. Nowadays, a new profile of buyers appears: The Digital Nomad.

As Chris White, CEO of Ideal homes in Portugal, notices, the number of foreign buyers visiting real estate platforms has been increasing in the recent weeks. They wonder “where is the best place to buy “, to live and to work. Going along with this trend, he notices the high level of long-term rentals inquiries.

Regarding the property, the context in which we are living now is pushing people towards “relative isolation”, with a growing interest in detached properties with a private pool. The most important variable continues to be “where” to settle down.

What future for the non-resident market in Spain & in Portugal?

The lockdown makes more and more people start working online and understand that this could be the “new normal”.

Why do they have to commute hours every day and put up with cold weather? Why should they have to wait for retirement to enjoy the quality of life that a Mediterranean country can give? Why do they have to wait to enjoy the sun and late dinners on a terrace by a swimming pool…

Andrew Hamilton, founder and director of Hamilton Homes in Spain, has a clear message: “We can live the dream, we have one life to give”. Spain and Portugal are hugely attractive options. Non-resident markets should really grow.

Is it the right time to buy in Spain or in Portugal?

“After 2 months without being able to travel, there are a significative number of people who want to visit properties” says François Carrier, founding partner of Coldwell Banker, Spain & Andorra. According to him, that should have an impact on prices, knowing that the stock of properties is relatively limited especially regarding new developments.

And the growing use of virtual viewing to select properties should accelerate the buying decisions.

Advantages for Golden Visa do still exist in Portugal and Spain, so for non-Europeans wanting to access European Citizenship (European Union) there is no reason to wait. As Chris says, “Lot of Americans come here”.

Last but not least, interest rates are very attractive. “There is a real opportunity to buy, with low mortgage interest rates” underlines François. How long will they stay like that? Another reason not to delay the property purchase.

What is SIRA? What benefits does SIRA offer real estate agents?

In 2006, UCI signed an agreement with CRS – the Council of Residential Specialists, the leading education and networking organization for residential real estate agents in the United States, belonging to the NAR – the National Association of Realtors.

Nowadays, under the SIRA brand in the Iberian Peninsula, this partnership has developed a cutting age training programme for the Iberian real estate sector. Courses are given in Spanish and in Portuguese and will be soon be available in English too.

Erol Goodchild (who belongs to both SIRA and CRS in Spain) informs us that “Every year we organise a professional trip to the annual CRS Convention” for professionals associated with us. A Spanish and a Portuguese convention also takes place every year: “Inmocionate” in Spain and “Inmotech” in Portugal, a largely technology-based event. The impossibility of having a regular Inmocionate this year gave birth to the daily webinars “Inmocionate en casa”, which in turn led this Special International Episode, the first of many!

We have created a fantastic community of real estate professionals, with over 1.000 members at the moment”. Anyone who wants to invest in their training and be part of this international community just has to reach out to us!

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