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Real Estate Trends in a post-Covid World


After a long pause, a great change started as normality made way for a “new normal”, in which people could leave their houses to live their normal life, taking extra care, of course! And in this new normal there are some helpful tools to overcome fears and the limitations imposed on everyone by the pandemic. Knowing these trends can help you deal with new clients’ needs, even in the second wave!

Focus on the suburbs

Being close to nature or to a park, avoiding big groups of people, became a luxury that has flipped the trend of searching for houses close to city centres, even if a sacrifice in size was necessary.

So, the new trend is to value houses in the suburbs, preferably independent houses and not apartments, that can guarantee the fundamental social isolation in pandemic times.

This preference for small communities, distant from cities in some cases, is possible in a technological world, in which you can easily work from home and have access to everything you need (goods and services) very quickly and without leaving home.

The return of the owners

Owning a house before the pandemic was considered less important, especially amongst millennials that showed less interest in owning a house than previous generations, preferring a freer lifestyle and being more focused on the advantages of the digital nomadism.

But with the pandemic the house has regained importance as a refuge, and it led people to understand the importance of owning a house, where they can be relaxed in a context of mandatory confinement.

The right size

Talk about house size was moving towards downsizing before the pandemic, living just with the essential and freeing up purchasing power: But now everything has changed. It is one thing to live in a small house if all you do there is to sleep and recharge batteries from a busy social life, but it is very different if you have to live a long period in the same space, maybe with another person, where you have to work, have fun, eat, work out…

The new context has highlighted the advantages of larger houses, with enough space for all our daily activities, without feeling trapped.

These times of change are also a unique opportunity to adapt professionally, understanding the how the market is dealing with the pandemic and adjusting the offer to what people are searching for. The new normal calls for a new professional.

Based on the article “7 emerging real estate trends in the new normal” published in inman.com

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