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“SUMA” MORTGAGE PRODUCT (Purchase and Refurbishment)


How does it work?
We have teamed up with various partners to create a product that allows us to finance the
refurbishment in disbursements. When you have a client interested in this solution, just let
your UCI Consultant know, and once they have established the feasibility of the project, they
will guide you and your client through the whole process, from beginning to end.
We will finance the purchase the property (minimum value 150.000€) and additional amounts
of up to 30% of the purchased property value for refurbishment, all in one mortgage loan
(subject to maximum LTV available for client profile)
This product is available for both resident and non-resident clients, but we have found that
International Buyers are especially interested in this product, as it is very difficult for them to
organize and supervise refurbishments from afar. With this product they receive
comprehensive service in one place…. At YOUR office! We set up a meeting with an architect
so that they can draw up plans and renders, and then they can sit back, relax and make plans
for their housewarming party!
We work with certified partners around Spain for the refurbishment projects, and we are
always eager to incorporate more well established and reputable partners, so if you would
like to suggest any professionals to us, please contact your Financial Consultant to see how we
can approve them to collaborate with us!
Wait! There´s more!
If the energy efficiency of the property improves by at least 30% due to the refurbishment, we
will apply a discount to the interest rate of the mortgage for the whole of the remaining term.
(We will let you know more about UCI´s Green Mortgages and Loans in the near future!)
Additionally, our certified partners provide our clients with a fulfillment guarantee, covering
due dates and service guarantee AND an aftersales guarantee of two years for reparation of
any minor defects.
And, as always, our mortgage loans come with no strings attached. No need for the client to
change banks, and no obligation to contract additional products or insurance.

Contact your UCI Consultant for more information about this exclusive product!

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