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The Green Revolution….Are you coming?


What do we class as green?

Any property with energy efficiency classification “A” or “B” is automatically considered green and will benefit from all the incentives that we can offer them.

Furthermore, and bearing in mind that the majority of properties for sale do not fall into this category, we also classify as “green” any property whose energy consumption is reduced by 30% or more as a result of refurbishments carried out, and for which we have created our SUMA mortgage product.

How do clients benefit from this  classification?

Firstly, and most importantly, they are helping the planet and all humanity!

However, it is also very important to share with our clients the economic implications for them, as there are many!

  1. We will apply a discount of 10bps to their interest rate for the whole term of the loan.
  2. We will require 5% less personal contribution for the purchase on all primary residencies, meaning that the client will release less of their own funds, which may be generating them income somewhere else. This means that clients who are eligible for an 80% LTV will be able to finance 85%. The only limitations are that a minimum of 10% equity must be provided, and that we cannot apply it to secondary residences for non-residents.
  3. There may be council tax (IBI) discounts available from local authorities for energy efficient homes.
  4. Significant savings in utility bills from day one! We have created a tool that will calculate the energy savings that will be obtained from home refurbishments. Ask your financial consultant for more information about this tool and see for yourself how hundreds of euros can be saved annually.

Once a buyer calculates the investment needed for refurbishment and the savings to be made, they will want to join the Green Revolution!

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