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UCI CONNECT – Our Christmas gift to you!


At UCI we strive to provide you with services and tools that make your life easier and enable you to give your clients the best service possible at all times.

With this in mind, we have created an APP that enables you to have direct access to the current situation of each of your files in real time, 24/7, as well as additional tools to help you to guide your client to their final goal

What are the main features of this APP?

Client identification : You are now able to create an initial application of interest for your client at any time in the APP, and this client ( after receiving an automated e-mail from you, with your logo, giving data protection authorization) will be reserved for you for a specific period of time. During this period, only you can process the application for this client with UCI.

Client Tracking: Once the client has been created in our systems, you will have real time access to the current situation of the file, enabling you to know if the appraisal has been carried out, informing you if a decision has been made, or if the file is in the risk department pending decision, and a whole lot more!

Simulations: We have included 4 simulators in the APP to help you to guide the client in each chapter of their journey towards their new home.

  1. What property can I buy? This simulation aims to give you the maximum property price that each client can access. By including basic information (age, income, savings), the simulator will give you the maximum property price for each client, bearing in mind the associated costs.
  2. Expenses Simulation: The associated legal expenses when buying a home in Spain can be confusing for buyers, especially those not familiar with the Spanish system. Being able to calculate the exact expenses for each client helps to make them feel more comfortable that receiving approximate information. 
  1. Installment Calculator: An easy to use tool at your fingertips to calculate the installment of any mortgage loan. 
  1. ELECTRA: In our quest for a greener society, we have also included a tool that enables you to calculate the approximate energy efficiency of any property. Although this cannot substitute the mandatory certificate, it gives us a good idea, and is especially interesting for those clients that plan to refurbish their property with our SUMA (Purchase & Refurbishment) product.

Contact your UCI Consultant for more information regarding this APP, and they will be happy to help you to set up your account and start using UCI CONNECT!!!

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