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UCI Experience – Focus on Dutch Buyers in Spain


For years now, Dutch people have been interested in the purchase of homes in Spain, and mainly on the Spanish Coast. The average trendin recent years indicates that sales made by Dutch buyers account for around 2.5% of total sales from foreign residents and non-residents (British buyers account for around 15%, French for 8% according to pre-2019 Property Registry sources).

The average Dutch person looking to purchase a home in Spain tends to be upper middle-class, between 50 and 60 years old, and the vast majority are entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals, and in many other cases people who have already retired when they take the decision to purchase. The Dutch tend to go for properties in holiday areas to be enjoyed as a secondary residence.

In many cases Dutch buyers do not apply for a mortgage when buying a home in Spain, due to the purchasing power of the core buyers who have their own funds available for this investment. However, there is also a large portion of potential Dutch buyers, sometimes with average purchasing power, who are attracted by the Spanish real estate market and who do apply for a mortgage. This could either be because they do not have sufficient funds to make the purchase outright, or because they want to keep some of their assets separate from their secondary residence.

Dutch people, like most foreign buyers, purchase mainly second-hand homes, although some of them choose to buy new build homes or off plan, or even consider the option of a self-build project after investing in their own plot of land.

Dutch customers tend to lookforhousingin coastal areas of the mainland, such as theValencianCommunity and Costa del Sol, andthe SpanishBalearicandCanaryIslands. Key chosen areas include Costa Blanca in the Alicante region of the Valencian Community, Tenerife is their favourite canary island and the Dutch hotspot in the Balearic Islands tends to be Palma de Mallorca.Thepriceof the typical propertypurchasedrangesbetween300,000and400,000euros

As with many northern Europeans, the Dutch buyer is generally looking to enjoy the lifestyle that can be offered, including the sunny good weather and beach life, whether as a holiday home or as an ideal place to retire.

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