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What is and why do I receive the Annual Summary of Interest and Commissions?


In the first month of the year, all financial/banking institutions send us a communication that includes, in a complete and detailed way, the interest charged and paid, as well as the fees and expenses accrued throughout the year. We’ll tell you what the annual summary of interest and commissions is and how you’ll receive it if you’ve taken out to a mortgage with us at UCI.

What is the Annual Summary of Interest and Commissions? 

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the annual summary of interests and commissions is a document that includes all the information about the fees and expenses that our financial institution has charged us during the previous year, as well as the interest charged and paid.

This report includes the fees for services that involve an ongoing relationship, such as a mortgage.

Why do I receive it? 

Since 2014, financial institutions are under an obligation to send you this summary. This was established by the Bank of Spain through its Circular 5/2012 on Banking Transparency.

How can I receive it? 

Over the course of January, you’ll receive an email in which we’ll inform you that this document is now at your disposal at Your Web. You can download the document from the “My Folder” section, which you can access via the «Documentation» menu option.

Who receives it when there are several mortgage holders? 

If your mortgage has several holders, each of them will individually receive the Annual Summary of Commissions, Expenses, and Interest. Even though the number of co-borrowers is indicated, the report doesn’t divide up the amounts applied to each account or transaction.

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