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With UCI you can build your dream home


At UCI we can help you build your own new home. As mortgage experts, we can give you a loan based on your needs to make your dream come true. As real estate experts, the collaborators we work with understand the local urban procedures and requirements to build a house in Spain. They will supervise your project from the first moment and keep us informed about the progress to make sure the construction is being carried out according to the plans and legal requirements.

At UCI we’re active, we’re at home working for you, offering all the services possible, adapted to our current situation, to assist your business despite the state of alarm. Our Risk team is working 100%. We can study each case and offer a mortgage prequalification based on your client’s risk profile, informing them about the maximum loan we can offer, and everything they would have to consider from a financial and administration point of view: expenses that they would incur, legal procedures, time frames, etc. When they’re ready, they can look for a plot where they would like to live and contract all the necessary services and make arrangements to develop their new project.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask your local Financial Consultant about our Self-Build mortgage.

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